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Annual Plan of Activities

year month dayPlan
'19 Jan-06The 52nd Ryukyu kobujutusu course at SBS GAKUEN (Shizuoka, Japanj
'19 Jan-08The New Year training at Sohonbu dojo
'19 Jan-13The 62nd Ryukyu kobujutusu course at Yomiuri NTV culture school (Kanagawa, Japan)
'19 Feb-03The 42nd Nihon Kobudo demonstration (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Mar-16Annual general meeting (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Apr-03Demonstrations for the dedication to Shizuoka Sengen Shrine (Shizuoka, Japan)
'19 Apr-20The 37th Asakusa Nihon Kobudo demonstration (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Apr-22Demonstrations for the dedication to Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 May-04Demonstrations for the dedication to Shimogamo Shrine (Kyoto, Japan)
'19 May-05Demonstrations for the dedication to Shiramine Shrine (Kyoto, Japan)
'19 May-20Wakayama-ken branch SEISHINKAN Annual demonstration (Wakayama, Japan)
'19 Jul-Demonstrations for the dedication to Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Jul-Demonstrations at Ojima (Shizuoka, Japan)
'19 Aug-18Demonstrations for the dedication to Itsukushima Shrine (Hiroshima, Japan)
'19 Sept-The 16th Shizuoka-ken Ryukyu Kobujutsu Open Seminar (Shizuoka, Japan)
'19 Oct-Demonstrations at Onitaka (Chiba, Japan)
'19 Oct-Demonstrations for the dedication to Kashima Jingu Shrine (Ibaraki, Japan)
'19 Oct-Demonstrations for the dedication to Yasukuni Shrine (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Oct-20The 58th Japanese traditional martial arts demonstrations at Nagoya (Aichi, Japan)
'19 Nov-03Demonstrations for the dedication to Meiji Jingu Shrine (Tokyo, Japan)
'19 Nov-16-20International Seminar 2019 (Okinawa Kumejima, Japan)
'19 Nov-Domestic seminar (Wakayama, Japan)
'19 Nov-Demonstrations at Meiji Univ. culture Festival (Kanagawa,Japan)
'19 Dec-25The Year-end training at Sohonbu dojo (Tokyo, Japan)